Sergio Demian Lerner

Sergio is a computer security and cryptocurrency researcher. In 2015 he co-founded RSK Labs, the company developing the RSK Smart Contract platform. Other prior entrepreneurial activities include co-founding Coinspect (specializing in security auditing cryptocurrencies and smart contracts), Coinfabrik (a cryptocurrency software factory), and ASICBoost (developing more efficient Bitcoin mining ASICs).

In 2011 he joined the Bitcoin community and collaborated to strengthen the security of the Bitcoin Core by responsible disclosing 9 vulnerabilities. He also proposed more than 70 design improvements to Bitcoin, Ethereum and RSK. In early 2013, he created QixCoin, the first Turing-complete cryptocurrency.

In 2015, he designed a part of Ethereum Ethash mining algorithm, and performed one of the first security and design audits of the Ethereum platform. He periodically tweets at @SDLerner and blogs at

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