We are here thinking above and beyond the future.

Our Vision

At IOVlabs, we envision a world with an inclusive, decentralized, censorship-resistant, antifragile, and private financial platform. This vision can only materialize with the proper technology. However, the technology required has not yet been invented. No plan to succeed can ignore this fact. Different projects, blockchains, and academic groups have created prototypes for critical pieces of this future, but no existent platform offers such coherent technology.

Innovation requires prolonged research: sometimes results can take from months to years, or they can fail to produce the necessary solutions, affecting dependent projects. Several unsolved technical problems lie ahead of us, such as increased privacy and scalability. The suffering of the financially excluded cannot be prolonged; At IOVlabs, we believe that we must contribute to accelerating the construction of this vision. We’re still in time for revolutionary innovations.

We are here thinking above and beyond the future.

Our team


The Research & Innovation team's strategic goals can be summarized by the words: Exploration, Proposal, Communication, Improvement, Awareness, and Reputation (EPCIAR)

The description of each is below:


Explore and propose new innovative solutions in technical areas that are meaningful to the organization’s short, mid, and long term plans. The areas to explore are blockchain usability, scalability, security, privacy, fairness, decentralization, and quality of service.


Communicate the innovative proposals with the whole ecosystem to enable the discussions to improve, use, and (if accepted) implement them.


Increase the team’s capabilities to tackle new challenging problems in cryptocurrency design with creativity and scientific rigor.


Evaluate important third-party improvement proposals for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other relevant blockchains.


Position IOVlabs as an innovative organization by improving the scientific knowledge in the key fields, contributing to the positive reputation of the RSK and RIF brands.